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Affiliates: Get $40.84 (75% Commission) For Every Sale!.

We Convert At 5% (1 Sale For Every 20 Referrals) And Have The Highest Payout Per Sale ($40.84) Out Of All The Survey Sites (most others pay $23.50 or less).


Earn 75% Commission ($40.84) For Each Sale You Make!

If you're like the thousands members, you want to spread the word and tell everyone you know. Even if you're not a member, you can still cash in on our growing popularity. Earn cash by joining our Affiliate Program. Affiliates earn the highest allowable commission on sales - 75% of the total purchase price! Imagine earning $40.84 for each membership sign-up that results from your referral!

The ClickBank Advantage

ClickBank professionally manages all affiliate memberships. So you get:

Comprehensive stats
Accurate, independent, third party tracking
Google and Overture tracking
Payments Guaranteed every two weeks

How to Join

Affiliate membership is fast, easy, and free. Just follow these steps:

1. Visit ClickBank and create an affiliate account
2. Promote and make sales with your affiliate link

Your Affiliate Link will be in the form of , where you need to replace the USERNAME with your ClickBank ID. So for example, if your ClickBank ID is john124, then your link would be

3. Get commission checks in the mail

How to Promote

At, we make promotion as easy as possible for our affiliates. How? First, we provide all the banners and promotional graphics you need to really grab web traffic interest. As an affiliate, you can download and use these online ads anywhere - absolutely free!

Next, we have a tried and successful product that literally sells itself. Once people learn about, they can't wait to join. Our website is clear and easy to understand. It converts into strong sales. So you just need to spread the word and drive traffic.

Get started, today!

Pop-Under Ads

Get undivided attention with pop-under ads. Once the visitor leaves a page, they'll see your ad. Simply replace your ClickBank username in the "USERNAME" field. Then paste this script between the <HEAD></HEAD> tags of your website.

Don't forget to replace 'USERNAME' with your ClickBank ID.

Text Links

Text links are highly effective. When visitors read links within the body of your site, they're more prone to click. To place your affiliate link into a sentence, refer a friend or list the link alone, use the following (replacing your ClickBank ID in the "USERNAME" field.)

Get free cash for taking online surveys. Earn $25 to $125 per hour! Click here.

Work online - from home! Get cash for taking online surveys. Learn more by clicking here.

You should use your own Text description if possible. Using personal recommendations is the key to highest sales. For example, use something like this:

I myself have been using for some time now. It has been extremely successful for me and I have been earning pretty substantial monthly check by taking Paid Surveys. I strongly recommend you give it a try.

You may use any of the above, but you should consider writing something in your own words, it usually works much better as you know your visitors better an anybody else.

Website Banners

Use the following banners to promote To use banners, follow these simple steps:


728x90 PaidSurveysFREE Banner



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728x90 PaidSurveysFREE Banner


Don't forget to replace 'USERNAME' with your ClickBank ID.

So, simply go to ClickBank and create an affiliate account, and you can start earning money right away!






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